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Improvement Of Feed Water Pumps Frequency Conversion Energy Saving Solutions

Mar 28, 2017

Recently, the State South of Inner Mongolia wuda pump variable frequency speed control system in power plants to undertake successful delivery of the project. That includes the construction of frequency conversion equipment and alteration, cooling, construction installation, heat control reform package to pump energy efficiency solutions. The pump programme for the country's South since the power electronics one of the three systems solutions, advanced technology to reach the domestic advanced level. After the completion of the project, power-saving rate of up to 20%~30% and is expected to be reduced power consumption rate of 0.6%, saving about 3 million yuan each year for the power plant, about 4000 tons of standard coal. The smooth implementation of the project, the next step in the application for the programme has played an important role model.

Water pump is one of the most important auxiliary machine of thermal power plant, using hydraulic coupler speed regulation, its power consumption is around 2.5~4% of electricity generation accounted for the entire unit. Due to extremely high water pump system reliability requirements, frequency converter in thermal power plant are imported products, the domestic brands is difficult to set foot in. On the South team head-on, feed water pump operating for an in-depth research, innovation in a "frequency switch multi-function hydraulic coupler", "new air-water cooling" programmes, it broke the monopoly of foreign firms, enhancing the modified feed-water pump system reliability to ensure that under no circumstances do not affect safety.

In creating excellent products based on southern research, expand services, and customized "electric feed-water pump system in thermal power plant energy efficiency", "high-voltage dynamic reactive power compensation (SVG) integration", "1MWp photovoltaic units integrated" total solution, improves services, upgrade services, services of power plant capacity.