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Pump Valve Industry Uncertainties Also Need Technical Support

Mar 28, 2017

At present, the area of low-end pump valve industry in China has been basically achieved domestically, in the high end by virtue of the costs, as well as the implementation of the progressive replacement of the imported products, and aims to pump valve industry in international competition. But in the inside and outside under the influence and impact of many uncertain factors, domestic-funded enterprises in order to achieve the simultaneous development of the market, also need to speed up the cast of "localization advantage", to compete with global giants of China's pump market flooded.

Pump valve industry in China is now in a relatively good period of development needs, and so a lot of pumps and valves businesses strive to the expansion of the scope of the enterprise to realize the benefits of long-term and sustainable growth. Meanwhile, China's valve industry has also welcomed many new subjects added. However, it is as a result of collision of two good "big but not strong" pump valve industry.

In view of this, pump valve industry in China in order to achieve sustainable development, expand enterprise scale is on the one hand, strengthening technological research and product development ability is the key. In other words, homogeneity is more serious at this stage, to maintain or promote the development of an industry must be supported by differentiating competitive advantages, and "differentiated competitive advantage" should fit the current needs of economic development to meet market demand, in order to make a sustainable development of China's valve industry.