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The World's First Maximum Horizontal Centrifugal Pumps In Place

Mar 28, 2017

Maximum horizontal centrifugal pumps – world's first Beijing Hui nan Zhuang pump station unit 8th section of the Middle route water pump complete smooth lifting 3 days earlier than planned. China's hydropower construction task group.

The lifting device was manufactured by Andritz companies in Sweden turns, bearing, thrust bearings, plain bearings and pump parts. Among them, the rotor diameter of 175 m, 45 m long and weighs 83 tons; on the pump casing, 39 metres long x width 2 m, 18 tons. Process the parts with high quality requirements, installation and adjustment is difficult.

The world's first maximum horizontal single-stage double-suction centrifugal pumps in place

Assume control of installation of China's hydropower Group well-organized, detailed construction steps, a clear division of labour and responsibility to the people, carry out their duties. Project to strengthen and the owner, supervisor, communication design, Andritz companies in Sweden, adopt reasonable suggestions, developed a detailed construction measures. To ensure smooth lifting laid the Foundation.

Pump unit resulting in 8th paragraph safe, high quality, earlier than the scheduled duration of the target, the follow-up is also methodically went according to plan.

The smooth lifting of the pump unit 8th paragraph, marked the Hui nan Zhuang pump station electrical and mechanical equipment installation is in accordance with scheduled high speed implementation, starting operation of unit has laid a good foundation for next year.