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Centrifugal pump structure

Mar 28, 2017

The basic structure is made up of eight parts of the centrifugal pump, namely: impeller, pump body, pump cover, retaining water, pump shaft, bearings, sealing rings, packing, axial thrust balancing device.

Part 1, the core of the impellers are centrifugal pumps, its speed and high output force.

2, pump body also known as shell, which is the body of water pump. Play a role in supporting fixed, and is connected with the installation of the bearing bracket.

3, the role of the pump shaft is connected through coupling and electric motor, the motor torque to impeller, it is passed the main components of mechanical energy

4, sealing rings, also known as leak reduction ring.

5, the stuffing is mainly composed of filler does not flow out of the pump not to let outside air into the pump. Keep vacuum in the pump! When the pump shaft and packing friction generates heat depends on water sealing water injection into the circle to fill the water cooling!

6, axial thrust balancing device, during the process of centrifugal pump, liquid is entering the impeller at low pressure and flow at high pressure, ranging from pressure on the sides of the impeller, resulting in a point to the axial thrust in the direction of the entrance, it will cause the rotor axial movement, wear and vibration, axial thrust bearing should therefore be set to balance the axial force.