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Structure and composition of centrifugal pump

Mar 28, 2017

Basic structure is composed of six parts of the centrifugal pump impeller, respectively, pump body, pump shaft, bearings, sealing rings, stuffing box.

Part 1, the core of the impellers are centrifugal pumps, its speed and high output, on the impeller blades also played a major role, before Assembly of the impeller through the static balance test. Impeller internal and external surface should be smooth, to reduce the flow of friction loss.

2, pump body also known as shell, which is the body of water pump. Play a role in supporting fixed, and is connected with the installation of the bearing bracket.

3, the role of the pump shaft is connected through coupling and electric motor, the motor torque to impeller, it is the main component transfer mechanical energy.

4, bearing using a transparent oil as lubricant, fuel oil level line. Too much oil seeps along the pump shaft, too little bearing overheating again burned to cause an accident! Temperature of the bearing in the pump is running at 85 degrees, usually runs at about 60 degrees.

5, seal rings also known as leak reduction ring.

6, stuffing consists of filler, seal ring, Gland, packing tube, water seals the tube. Stuffing role primarily to closed pump housing and the space between the pump shaft, do not let the water flow in the pump to the outside to not let outside air into the pump. Keep vacuum in the pump! When the pump shaft and packing friction generates heat to seal control of cooling water to water circle makes filler! Keep the pump running. During pump operation inspection check is paying special attention to stuffing! Running about 600 hours to replace the packing.