Electric Water Bath Heater

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Water Bath Vaporizers (Heater)


The cryogenic liquid goes through the pipeline immersed in the hot water, using the heat of the water to transit into gas. At the same time, the temperature of the gas are guaranteed at no less than 10℃.


Working Medium: LOx / LIN / LAr / LCO2 / LNG / LC2H4...

Capacity: 50-16000 NM3/H

Working Pressure:0-350 Bar

Working Limit: 8-12 Hours

Standard: ASME GB

Type: Vertical

Principles of Water Bath Vaporizers:



1. Large diameter of the outer shell

2. Quiet Performance

3. Full-contact heat transfer

4. Large distance between the heat transfer pipe and the outer shell to avoid cracking on the shell

5. Optimized design for the fluid speed.