P100 IG 50-200L Reciprocating Pumps

P100 IG 50-200L Reciprocating Pumps
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P100 IG 50-200L Reciprocating Pumps

Group: P100

Model: SBP50-200/200 (Liquid Fluid 50-200L/H,  Max Pressure 20MPa)



Sanjing started its history from developing reciprocating pumps in 2004. They are improved again and again throughout the past decade, having become a very mature and successful product, favored by transnational gas companies: Linde, Messer, Praxair and other ASU plants in their gas filling projects. This kind of pump is mainly for cylinder filling of industrial gas at a range of high pressure from 150 bar to 250 bar, such as LOX, LIN, and LAr.  


Benefits and feature:

1. Vacuum jacketed cold end minimizes heat leak and lowers liquid vaporization.

2. Stainless steel made cold end ensures the steady performance at cryogenic temperature.

3. Specially de-oiled process allows the units a safety when pumping oxygen.

4. Interlocking provides protections avoiding over pressure and low temperature.


Working medium:

LOX, LIN, and LAr.