P200 IG 200-600L Industrial Gas Filling Pumps

P200 IG 200-600L Industrial Gas Filling Pumps
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Product Details

P200 IG 200-600L Industrial Gas Filling Pumps

Group: P200

Model: SBP200-450/200 (Liquid Fluid 200-450L/H,  Max Pressure 20MPa)

Model: SBP300-600/200 (Liquid Fluid 300-600L/H,  Max Pressure 20MPa)



These two models of piston pump are one of Sanjing’s best sellers, in the past decade , with Chinese market’s rocketing demand for the industrial gas producing. It opened a door to the big transnational gas companies for Sanjing, to meet their branches in China a huge need for filling devices during that time. Too, did it bring us a big reputation by our pumps’ quality and localized after service of quick reaction.


Benefits and feature:

1. Vacuum jacketed cold end minimizes heat leak and lowers liquid vaporization.

2. Stainless steel made cold end ensures the steady performance at cryogenic temperature.

3. Specially de-oiled process allows the units a safety when pumping oxygen.

4. Interlocking provides protections avoiding over pressure and low temperature.

5. Long lifespan of the seals and steady performing

6. 24-hour persistent using available.


Working medium:

LOX, LIN, and LAr.