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Supercharger is a small size of ambient vaporizer, it’s applied for self-pressurizing of the ISO tank or other cryogenic tanks to unload liquids. It’s widely used in gas plants, steel mills and equipped on mobile tanks, such as road tankers , ISO tanks and etc.


Working Medium: LOx / LIN / LAr / LCO2 / LNG / LC2H4...

Capacity: 50-200 NM3/H

Working Pressure:0-200 Bar

Working Limit: 8-12 Hours

Standard: ASME GB

Type: Vertical



1.No energy consumption; No pollution, environment protecting;

2.Convenient installation and maintenance;

3.Use exclusive aluminum material for heat exchange, high-efficiency, lightweight design and long life-span.

4.Special aluminum heat exchange pipes whose diameter is 160mm or 200mm, defrosting rapidly.