Ambient Air Vaporizer

Ambient Air Vaporizer
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Ambient Air Vaporizer

Ambient Air Vaporizers use the ambient temperature to heat cryogenic liquids(LOx LIN LAr LCO2 LNG, etc.) in fin-shaped pipelines so the liquids are fully evaporated rapidly under the working pressure.


Working Medium: LOx LIN LAr LCO2 LNG, etc.

Capacity: 50-16000 NM3/H

Working Pressure:0-350 Bar

Working Limit: 8-12 Hours

Standard: ASME/GB

Type: Vertical



1.No energy consumption; No pollution, environment protecting;

2.Convenient installation and maintenance;

3.Use exclusive aluminum material for heat exchange, high-efficiency, lightweight design and long life-span.

4.Special aluminum heat exchange pipes whose diameter is 160mm or 200mm, defrosting rapidly.

5.Efficient inner structure of fin configuration, improving heat exchange effect.

6.The combination of aluminum fins in different specifications piles up another 10% to 20% heat exchange area than regular vaporizers.

7.Special anti-oxidation process for surface of heat exchange pipes.

8.All vaporizers are cleaned and fabricated in accordance with oxygen service standard to guarantee safety in operation.

9.It can be designed and fabricated in accordance with electronic grade.

10.Design conditions: temperature -10℃, relative humidity 70%, vaporizing volume for continuous use of 8 to 12 hours.