Mud Pump Pulsation Dampener Air Bag Bladder

Mud Pump Pulsation Dampener Air Bag Bladder


P51-Double IG 1500-3000L Gas Cylinder Filling Pumps Group: P51-double Model: SBP1500-2500/350 (Liquid Fluid 1500-2500L/H, Max Pressure 35MPa) Model: SBP1500-3000/300 (Liquid Fluid 1500-3000L/H, Max Pressure 30MPa) Application: The P51-double piston pump has got 2 cold ends at the same time...





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P51-Double IG 1500-3000L Gas Cylinder Filling Pumps

Group: P51-double

Model: SBP1500-2500/350 (Liquid Fluid 1500-2500L/H,  Max Pressure 35MPa)

Model: SBP1500-3000/300 (Liquid Fluid 1500-3000L/H,  Max Pressure 30MPa)



The P51-double piston pump has got 2 cold ends at the same time connected to the drive box, compared to the single version. This series is derived from P41, a descendant branch to meet bigger flow working conditions at 350bar, pumping smoothly with less vibration and pulse impact. Thanks to a redesigned and much more refined drive box, It’s working efficiency is greatly raised and become more powerful. It can be applied for gas filling projects, or pipeline pressure testing and purging, as well as well service.


Benefits and feature:

1. Vacuum jacketed cold end minimizes heat leak and lowers liquid vaporization.

2. Stainless steel made cold end ensures the steady performance at cryogenic temperature.

3. Specially de-oiled process allows the units a safety when pumping oxygen.

4. Interlocking provides protections avoiding over pressure and low temperature.

5. Long lifespan of the seals and steady performing

6. 24-hour persistent using available.


Working medium:

LOX, LIN, and LAr.

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