LNG Cryogenic Pump Skid

LNG Cryogenic Pump Skid


P41-Triple LNG L-CNG 1000-3500L Cylinder Filling Pump Group: P41-triple Model: T1000-2500/25 (Liquid Fluid 800-1500L/H, Max Pressure 25MPa) Model: T1500-3000/25 (Liquid Fluid 1500-2000L/H, Max Pressure 25MPa) Model: T1500-3500/25 (Liquid Fluid 1500-2000L/H, Max Pressure 25MPa) Application: The...





With our leading technology also as our spirit of innovation, mutual cooperation, benefits and development, we are going to build a prosperous future jointly with your esteemed company for LCO2 Filling Piston Pumpsds, High Flow Service Cryogenic Piston Pumpsds, High Pressure Cylinder Filling Pumps. We have always urged ourselves to meet customer requirements in good faith complying with laws and regulations. The talent mechanism of recruiting talents, competition and mutual assistance allows us to have a professional and strong technical team, always at the forefront of the industry. In order to strengthen quality management training, we have established a new quality management system to more closely integrate the job responsibilities and work content of each employee.

P41-Triple LNG L-CNG 1000-3500L Cylinder Filling Pump

Group: P41-triple

Model: T1000-2500/25 (Liquid Fluid 800-1500L/H,  Max Pressure 25MPa)

Model: T1500-3000/25 (Liquid Fluid 1500-2000L/H,  Max Pressure 25MPa)

Model: T1500-3500/25 (Liquid Fluid 1500-2000L/H,  Max Pressure 25MPa)



The ex-proof featured L-CNG cryogenic pump has been playing a dominant role in our daily sales service, for L-CNG filling stations booms everywhere in China, since 2015. It’s usually configured with single , double, or triple cold ends of P41 to meet different flow rate requirements to natural gas fueled vehicles. Furthermore, it is widely deployed in peak shaving stations to supplement and pressurize gas for the city pipeline networks and by now, this T series LNG piston pump has taken over 50% of L-CNG filling market share.


Benefits and feature:

1. Single or multiple cold end design to meet various flow rates, and as well reduce the flow impulse.

2. All electric devices as motors and control units are ex-proof to fit the LNG working conditions.

3. Specially made seals ensure a long time of free maintenance to the cold end, close to 3500 hours.

4. 24-hour persistent using available.


Working medium:


We will continue to be responsible for our products, markets, channels and customers, as well as launching new series of LNG Cryogenic Pump Skid. We take 'continuously improving service value to meet customer demand' as the core competitiveness of the enterprise, constantly integrate our own and industry resources and constantly break through the traditional concept and improve marketing strategy. Our enterprise tenet is: abide by contracts, keep reputation, survive by quality.
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