High Pressure Liquid Nitrogen Pump

High Pressure Liquid Nitrogen Pump


CP1200A LCO2 400-1200L Piston Filling Pumps Group: CP1200A Model: SBP500-900/100 (Liquid Fluid 500-900L/H, Max Pressure 10MPa) Model: SBP600-1200/100 (Liquid Fluid600-1200L/H, Max Pressure 10MPa) Application: This type pump are mainly used for filling liquid carbon dioxide as well as...





We are intensively working in the field of LNG Evaporators, Cryogenic Liquid Vaporizers, LOX Filling Pumps, adhering to the spirit of dedication, and constantly innovating. Only by continuously carrying out quality innovation, we can create excellent quality and achieve sustainable development. We realize the modern management of the whole process from market development, customer order to product delivery. With many years of professional manufacturing experience, we deeply realize that in order to manufacture products that satisfy everyone, we need perfectly combine advanced technology and production processes.

CP1200A LCO2 400-1200L Piston Filling Pumps

Group: CP1200A

Model: SBP500-900/100 (Liquid Fluid 500-900L/H,  Max Pressure 10MPa)

Model: SBP600-1200/100 (Liquid Fluid600-1200L/H,  Max Pressure 10MPa)



This type pump are mainly used for filling liquid carbon dioxide as well as distributing gas to systems of air supply at different factories and mills. In addition, it is also fit for N2O working conditions, as soon as the lubricating oil in the drive changed into the exclusive type of grease.


Benefits and features:

1. Less than 2 hours of easy and convenient for a routine maintenance. 

2. Fast cool down design prevents the possibilities of dry ice forming.

3. Newly updated seals with a long lifespan.

4. 24-hour persistent performing is allowable.


Working medium:


We have been working hard to build a high-quality brand, hoping to become a professional and large-scale High Pressure Liquid Nitrogen Pump manufacturer in China. We will repay the society with excellent products and value-added services! Our company is looking for agents sincerely. Nowadays, our customers are all over the world, but the entrepreneurial spirit that has been passed down from generation to generation since the establishment of the company has never been forgotten.
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