Cryogenic Liquid CO2 Cylinder Filling Pump (Dnqb2000-4000/100)

Cryogenic Liquid CO2 Cylinder Filling Pump (Dnqb2000-4000/100)


P41-Double IG 800-2000L High Pressure Industrial Gas Filling Pump Group: P41-double Model: SBP800-1500/350 (Liquid Fluid 800-1500L/H, Max Pressure 30MPa) Model: SBP1000-2000/300 (Liquid Fluid 1000-2000L/H, Max Pressure 30MPa) Application: The P41-double cryogenic piston pump has got 2 cold ends...





With the summary of our own production experience and the continuous absorption of advanced experience, we have the ability to produce high-quality LOX Ambient Evaporators, Supercharger for Road Tanker Self-pressurizing, Gas Cylinder Filling Pumps. We welcome your drawings and samples. We make unremitting endeavours to know the target of 'We Will Always Hold in Pace along with the Time'. We always adhere to the planned, step-by-step, and reasonable development of business channels, and bind the interests of the majority of enterprises to build a comprehensive business platform. Therefore, we will make unremitting efforts to abide by the tenet of perseverance and honesty.

P41-Double IG 800-2000L High Pressure Industrial Gas Filling Pump

Group: P41-double

Model: SBP800-1500/350 (Liquid Fluid 800-1500L/H,  Max Pressure 30MPa)

Model: SBP1000-2000/300 (Liquid Fluid 1000-2000L/H,  Max Pressure 30MPa)



The P41-double cryogenic piston pump has got 2 cold ends at the same time connected to drive box, compared to the single version, the double one works smoother with less vibration and pulse impact is greatly decreased. P41 is developed from P450 and P200 series. Thanks to the widely deployment in market of these two types, Sanjing has accumulated enough practical experience and performing data to push the pump working pressure to another level of 350bar in max. These models can be used for cylinder filling of IG, and besides, for the purpose of pipeline network pressure test, even for well services.


Benefits and feature:

1. Vacuum jacketed cold end minimizes heat leak and lowers liquid vaporization.

2. Stainless steel made cold end ensures the steady performance at cryogenic temperature.

3. Specially de-oiled process allows the units a safety when pumping oxygen.

4. Interlocking provides protections avoiding over pressure and low temperature.

5. Long lifespan of the seals and steady performing

6. 24-hour persistent using available.


Working medium:

LOX, LIN, and LAr.

Our company is committed to offering customers with high-quality, safe Cryogenic Liquid CO2 Cylinder Filling Pump (Dnqb2000-4000/100) at competitive prices, and creating satisfactory services for every customer. We actively improve the management level and production capacity, so that we always maintain competitiveness in the fierce market competition, and achieve rapid and stable development. As the company continues to develop internationally, we will further improve the technician system, strengthen product sales, installation and after-sales service, and promote the company to move towards stably.
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