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What Is LNG Cryogenic Liquid Pump

Jun 10, 2018

Low-temperature  centrifugal liquid pump is mainly used for liquid oxygen, liquid  nitrogen, liquid argon and other cryogenic liquids. This  type of equipment generally uses mechanical seals in the form of  edge-welded metal bellows. The following points should be noted when  selecting:
1 Reasonable structural design can ensure  that the mechanical seal does not break the sealed end face and the  bellows assembly under high speed operation;
2 Reasonable end-to-face contact pressure can ensure the sealing performance of the mechanical seal and avoid premature failure;
3  Reasonable frictional materials can ensure the normal friction and  sealing performance of the mechanical seal under low temperature  conditions, avoiding premature failure due to excessive wear;
4  The appropriate heat treatment of the metal bellows part can eliminate  the residual stress caused by the welding, so as to avoid fatigue  cracking during long-term operation.