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Type Of Cryogenic Pump

Apr 14, 2018

Low temperature pump into injection liquid helium cryopump and closed cycle helium refrigerator cryopump two.

Injection type cryogenic pump

Mainly by the liquid helium container, the pump body and connected with the baffle plate cavity parts of liquid nitrogen. In order to reduce the consumption of liquid helium, the outer wall of the liquid helium container with double insulation wall and vacuum in the meantime. When the pump is pumped to the pre PA pressure into liquid nitrogen and helium gas condensation in the cold plate work on 4.2K. The partial pressure of helium hydrogen to the number of PA is pre - pumped, so the pump can get the ultimate pressure below pa. If the liquid helium container vacuum decompression to 6650 kPa, liquid helium temperature can be reduced to 2.3K, can get the lower limit pressure.

Cryogenic pump for closed cycle gas helium refrigerator

It was a new type of cryogenic pump that appeared in 70s. This pump does not consume helium, is easy to operate and easy to maintain, and is widely used. The refrigerating medium of the refrigerator is gas helium, the first class cold plate temperature is 50 ~ 100K, the typical application is 65K, which is used to condensate the water vapor and the other gas, and the temperature of the two stage cold plate is 10 ~ 20K, which is used to condensate the nitrogen, oxygen and argon gas. The inner surface of the two stage cold plate is coated with activated carbon. Activated carbon has strong adsorption capacity for helium, neon and hydrogen at low temperature. The cold plate is made of oxygen free copper, and the surface is polished to the degree of mirror surface, so as to reduce the radiation coefficient. The limit pressure of the pump is PA, the working pressure range is PPA, and the pre pumping pressure is 1 PPA. The production rate of the product has reached 60000 litres per second. In addition, according to the characteristics of the process, the exhaust air cooling plate can be arranged in the pumped container, and the pumping rate can reach 106 liters per second.

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