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Ten Key Points For Maintenance Of Low Temperature Storage Tank For LNG Gasification Station

May 06, 2018

(1) determination of vacuum degree between internal and external interlayer (one year)

(2) check the supporting facilities of the storage tank equipment: the fire sprinkler pipe outside the storage tank, the lightning protection and lightning protection, and the anti-static grounding line are in good condition.

(3) the storage tank foundation should be constantly observed, and the phenomenon of subsidence or damage should be found, and the problems should be reported and solved in a timely manner.

(4) the safety valve should be inspected regularly to observe whether there is frost or condensation, and the safety valve on the storage tank shall be re-checked after the jump.

(5) the external surface of the storage tank shall be inspected regularly, and abnormal phenomena such as deformation, corrosion, frosting and condensate shall be observed, and the problems shall be reported and dealt with in time.

(6) the tank level should be within the normal storage range, the upper limit of the liquid level is 85% and the lower limit is 15%.

(7) on the tank has a pressure gauge and differential pressure level meter, there are instructions given and remote transmitting transmission, remote transmitting is as automatic data collection and transmission to the central control room, regularly test and validation. According to the density of storage medium, the liquid level gauge and storage tank can be fixed. (8) the first valve connected with the storage tank shall not be the control valve for incoming and outgoing materials, and the regular switch shall not be allowed. Should be kept in the open state, regular switch, maintain flexible and easy to use. Because the first valve replacement is very difficult.

(9) after the use of low temperature valve for a period of time, leakage will occur. If there is a micro leakage on the upper gland, press the packing gland. If the valve core cannot be closed, the valve core should be replaced. The low temperature valve is strictly prohibited for refueling and water cleaning.

(10) no material can be placed around the tank to obstruct the pedestrian passage and operation, keeping the site clean and tidy.