Structure Characteristics Of Cryogenic Pump

Apr 18, 2018

Vertical structure: suitable for buried in underground, not affected by hot air, air temperature, sunshine and so on, easy to keep cold, can reduce the suction height of the pump, increase the filling head and improve the effective cavitation allowance; the vertical structure is also beneficial to the exhaust, so that the shaft has enough height to arrange the shaft sealing device, so the pump is also known as the vertical. Type cylinder type pump.

Symmetrical structure: the overall structure of the pump is symmetrical, so that it can even deform in cold state. The cold head usually adopts two level mechanism. The first stage reaches 80K and the second level reaches 10K.

Double shell: in order to protect the cooling convenient and facilitate the transport of dangerous medium, usually made of double shell, inner shell inside the pump pressure, inner and outer shell is suction pressure, which can appropriately reduce the strength of the inner shell requirements. The shell needs to be made into vacuum interlayer, which has achieved the insulation effect.

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