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Structure And Composition Of Centrifugal Pump

Aug 29, 2018

The basic structure of centrifugal pump is composed of six parts are impeller, pump body, pump shaft, bearing, sealing ring, packing box.

1. Impeller is the core part of centrifugal pump. It has high speed and high output. The blade on the impeller plays a major role. The impeller must pass static balance test before assembly. The internal and external surfaces of the impeller are smooth, so as to reduce the friction loss of the water flow.

2, pump body also known as pump shell, it is the main body of the pump. The utility model plays a supporting and fixing role, and is connected with a bracket for mounting the bearing.

Centrifugal pump Atlas

Centrifugal pump Atlas (3 sheets)

3. The function of the pump shaft is to transfer the torque of the motor to the impeller by connecting the coupling with the motor, so it is the main component of transferring mechanical energy.

4, the sliding bearing uses transparent oil as lubricant, and refuels to the oil level line. Too much oil must leak along the pump shaft. Too little bearing will overheat and cause burnout. During the operation of the pump, the temperature of the bearing is highest at 85 degrees, generally running at about 60 degrees.

5, seal ring is also known as reducing leakage ring.

6. Stuffing box mainly consists of packing, water seal ring, packing box, packing gland and water seal pipe. The main purpose of the packing box is to close the gap between the pump shell and the pump shaft, to prevent the flow of water inside the pump to the outside and to prevent the outside air into the pump. Always keep the vacuum in the pump. When the friction between the pump shaft and the packing generates heat, it depends on the water seal pipe to hold water to the water seal ring to make the packing cool. Keep the pump running normally. Therefore, the inspection of stuffing box is particularly important in the inspection of the running of the pump. About 600 hours running, we need to replace the packing.

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