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Pump Industry Prospects

Mar 28, 2017

Pump industry prospects

Water pump industry is a typical investment-driven industry, market demand upon the State's macroeconomic policies, especially those affected by the water, construction, energy industry, a great influence on macroeconomic policies.

In the course of development of foundry industry in China and pump valve casting companies should address the energy-saving power, labor shortages, national policies and other issues, paying more attention to industry changes and operating conditions of the Organization make appropriate adjustments, in order to better and faster development in the future.

As technology advances, pumps to intelligent direction, parameters such as pressure, flow, temperature, and vibration monitoring pump shafts, bearings and seals can be assessed to diagnose the cause of the failure. Magnetic force pump, diaphragm pump technology development will be reflected in the design of electronic control system, improving drive device and search for new material, and so on.

Data shows that investment in sewage treatment facilities, pumps about 15 per cent of total machinery and equipment investment, proportionately, 35, urban sewage treatment pump products in the field of demand of around 60 billion yuan, nearly 40 billion market over the next three years, the market prospects are good. In the near future, the pump valve backbone enterprises in China will be able to catch up with and surpass the similar foreign enterprises, to contribute to the national domestic production of major technical equipment, pumps and valves occupy a certain share of the market competition in the world, and become a pump and valve manufacturing power in the world.