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Operating Principle Of Reciprocating Pump

Apr 20, 2018

The construction principle of low pressure reciprocating pump is composed of electric motor, coupling, accelerator, part of drive end, part of hydraulic end, common base, etc. It is by the motor through the accelerator (speed or external gears), tape drive, or stepless speed regulator, the crankshaft rotates, advancing the connecting rod of three-dimensional static, pass to cross (block) to make linear reciprocating plunger still, under the action of a reciprocating pump head of the outlet valve opening and closing suction drainage to target. It has the advanced features of rolling, inconveniences, sealing safety, long life of vulnerable parts and volumetric effect of reciprocating pump. The discharge pressure of reciprocating pump can be from normal pressure ~ 1500MPa; Flow from zero. 2 times 103 ~ 650m3 / h; The delivery medium temperature can range from -200-450. C; The feed medium viscosity can range from 0. 1 ~ 250000 cp; Can walk medium has clear water, sewage, fresh water, strong erosion, volatile, easy to crystallization, inflammable, explosive, poisonous chemical liquid, and hone and than serious solid-liquid two-phase slurry, high viscosity of crude oil, etc. Model structure of low pressure reciprocating pump. Usually with horizontal double cylinder, three-cylinder, five-cylinder reciprocating pump, vertical double cylinder, three-cylinder, five-cylinder reciprocating pump, double-acting plunger or reciprocating reciprocating pump, with the different arrangement type of plunger to distinguish. According to the application scale, it can be divided into:

First, the oil field with reciprocating pump important Marine or offshore oil platform walks low pressure mud, clear water clean bit or advance turbine drilling mud reciprocating pump, used for drilling or completion of the cementing operation cementing reciprocating pump, the fracturing fluid fracturing underground output of the reciprocating pump, the progress and keep secondary to low pressure reservoir pressure for oilfield water injection reciprocating pump, booster for centrifugal injection subsequent pressure reciprocating pump (differential equilibrium and opposed equilibrium); The piston reciprocating pump and plunger reciprocating pump of crank connecting rod mechanism are adopted.

Second, the hydraulic press is important to use the reciprocating pump to keep the emulsion, clean water and hydraulic oil; Product parameter scale: the pressure is 20 ~ 40MPa, the flow rate is l2 ~ 90m3 / h, and the motor power is 100 ~ 750kW.

The third, chemical and chemical fertilizer use reciprocating pump is important for chemical fertilizer matching ammonium formate reciprocating pump, liquid ammonia reciprocating pump, copper liquid reciprocating pump and lye reciprocating pump; Low pressure catalysts for low pressure polyethylene, fatty alcohol, methyl ethyl ketone and other chemical consumption processes are injected with reciprocating pump, low pressure methanol or a reciprocating pump, butene reciprocating pump.

Fourth, the low pressure cleaning and hydraulic cutting with low pressure reciprocating pump Used for casting hydraulic cleaning sand, urban sewage solution, chemical equipment, in addition to paint derusting, car cleaning, spray clean low pressure reciprocating pump (machine), and the water pressure experiment, container blasting and hydraulic cutting equipment with low pressure reciprocating pump and low pressure reciprocating pump. This kind of product is more than three cylinder or single cylinder plunger reciprocating pump, individual intermittent use usually reciprocating pump speed ratio chemical USES low pressure reciprocating pump is high, its working pressure can reach 1500MPa.

Fifth, all kinds of steam power plant boiler feed water use in indirect driven reciprocating pump, fresh water desalination and water to solve the leakage of installation with low pressure reciprocating pump, ships and submarines with low pressure bilge draining out reciprocating pump, used in the high-rise building disaster prevention disaster of reciprocating pump technique condition of low pressure fire reciprocating pump usually should agree with GB/T9234 flexible reciprocating pump technique conditions, or APl674 standard rules.