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Liquid Pump Precautions

Apr 07, 2018

Suction line

(1) when installation, the liquid storage tank of liquid between the liquid and liquid pump into the mouth of the suction line as short as possible, and the storage tank to the pump under oblique Angle, and the suction line are good insulation bandaging. In order to reduce the pressure loss and vaporization loss of the pipeline, the vaporized gas body in the pipeline is returned to the storage tank.

(2) some suction pipe is equipped with a filter screen, which should check whether the filter screen, outlet and valve are blocked, so as to avoid causing the fluid to pump in the fluid.

(3) when the liquid pump is running, the gas in the storage tank can be properly emptied to improve the over-cooling of the liquid in the suction line, so as to avoid cavitation of the liquid pump; The liquid level of the tank can be increased with the condition.

Back to the trachea way

(1) storage tank gas exports and liquid pump back to intake muffler road arrangement between the tube side should be as short as possible, and the storage tank to the pump under oblique Angle, pipe diameter changes should be applied when the tapered section transition, avoid to produce gas resistance and siphon phenomenon; In addition, good adiabatic wrapping is performed to reduce the loss of vaporization. The air valve should be installed at the top of the return air line.

(2) the failure, open the vent valve direct emissions back and there may be a liquid gas, if the fault eliminated, then the pressure loss and the evaporation loss is serious, causes the liquid pump cavitation and malfunction. This has a lot to do with the installation of pipes and insulation materials, and the conditions should be handled timely. It can be solved temporarily by increasing the over-cooling degree of the liquid, increasing the height of the tank level, and opening the air vent valve properly. If the failure cannot be eliminated, it is very likely that the leak caused. [2]

Other parts of the

(1) the cylinder liner has gasket at both steps. To ensure that the seal performance is good, the two steps of cylinder liner and the size of the cylinder block with the demand is higher, especially after replacement of cylinder liner or gasket should pay attention to the change of the size, ensure the discharged liquid does not leak back into the cylinder.

(2) the wear and tear of piston rings and seals should be replaced in time to avoid the occurrence of leakage.

(3) the cold end of the pump head is a cold end of a vacuum clamp, which should protect the vacuum joint, and can also protect the pump head when necessary.