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Introduction Of Supercharger

Sep 01, 2018

A device for increasing the intake pressure of a cylinder by a supercharger and a piston aero engine. Before entering the engine cylinder, the air is compressed by the supercharger to increase the air density, so that more air is filled into the cylinder, thereby increasing the engine power. The engine equipped with turbocharger can not only output large take-off power, but also improve the height characteristics of the engine.

Automobile supercharger: The so-called supercharger is to compress the air before it is fed into the cylinder to increase air density and air intake. The aim is to increase aeration, improve power, improve economy and improve emissions.

Turbocharger should refer to the engine intake supercharger, including three forms: exhaust gas turbocharger, mechanical turbocharger, electric auxiliary turbocharger. By compressing the air in the supercharger, the inlet density of the engine is increased, thus the engine's lift power can be increased. At the same time, because of the improvement of the engine's mixed combustion regulation, the combustion efficiency is improved, and the effect of fuel saving and emission reduction can also be achieved. It is an important technological progress of modern engines. Now the most common application is the engine exhaust turbocharger, the following we specifically explain the engine exhaust turbocharger some of the relevant knowledge.

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