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Heat Pumps In North And South Market Advantages

Mar 28, 2017

Domestic heat pumps market has always been dominated by Southern, but with the ultra-low temperature heat pump business technology breakthrough, "Northern Expedition war" has begun, heat pump development has been steady market on the basis of continuous radiation extends to the North of the South, especially in commercial heat pump products showing a momentum of vigorous development in the North. Now the rigid demand of the air in the North and South markets, and will further boost the heat pump market growing strongly.

Consumers in the South since two or three markets for "new" consciousness is strong, it will definitely lead to heat pump water heater market development of level two or three markets in the South. South especially Guangdong, and Jiangsu, and Zhejiang of economic development compared developed area, with residents income of constantly improve, energy-saving, and environmental type household products more became they acquired appliances of preferred, hot pump of efficient energy-saving, environmental security, integrated energy-saving has many of superior conditions, led household hot pump products in this several economic big district development most fast, household machine also in South two or three level city towards color added Hui, share occupy South water heater market of 7% around. So the air can manufacturers in the Mercosur increased promotion of household machines, from the aspects of product quality, technology, functionality, appearance, to seek a breakthrough to meet growing demand in mature markets in the South. According to industry professionals concluded that heat pump console will shine in the MERCOSUR in the last 3 years!

Extends North-South markets of mutual radiation, heat pump business staking will be gradually expanded. In the near future, air can get into the stage of rapid development, the water heater market share to achieve a qualitative leap!