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General Provision Of Plunger Type Cryogenic Liquid Pump?

May 08, 2018

1. The pump shall be cleaned and degreased according to the technical documents of the equipment before being in place. The degreasing method shall be carried out according to the current national standard "general specifications for the construction and acceptance of mechanical equipment installation".

2. The vertical and horizontal installation of the pump shall not be greater than 0.1/1000.

3. The gap between the plunger of the pump and the top of the cylinder shall conform to the requirements of the equipment technical documents; The moving parts should be flexible and free of retardation.

4. The suction pipe and discharge pipe of the pump shall meet the requirements.

5. The pump shall be checked before starting and shall meet the following requirements:

(1)adding low-temperature lubricating oil according to the provisions of equipment technical documents;

(2)The steering of the motor shall conform to the steering of the pump;

(3)Before inhaling the liquid, the cylinder should be dried;

(4)The plunger and cylinder should be fully pre-cooled; After precooling, the moving parts should be flexible and free of blockage.

6. The temperature rise of the outlet pressure and lubricating oil shall be in accordance with the requirements and shall be recorded in the pump test operation.

7. After the pump stops running, it should be dried in time.