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Common Sense Of Centrifugal Pump Maintenance

Mar 07, 2018

The maintenance of centrifugal pump should be considered in the following aspects. The failure analysis problem may be caused by the failure of the liquid unfilled pump to check whether the pump and the suction line are filled with liquid. Irrigation pump suction pipe blocked/again not filled with liquid Remove blockage/foreign material suction pipe filled with water blocking reverse flushing pump impeller, clean impeller bottom valve or suction mouth not fully immersed consult factory the correct depth. With a guide plate to eliminate vortex suction is too high Reduce the rotation error suction provide the right direction Free intake line in the air or steam capsule device suction pipeline NPSH increase enough NPSH pump can not reach the rated speed increasing system pressure head is too high to reduce the resistance of the pump did not reach the rated flow or pressure through the gasket leaking into the air Replace the seal Through the seal chamber leak into the air replacement or to adjust the mechanical seal or change filler A partial blockage of the reverse flushing pump impeller, clean impeller sealing ring wear If necessary, replace the defective parts Suction head high enough Confirm the suction line isolation valve fully open and suction pipe plugging, and full of liquid. Steam or air sac discharge line. Increase suction head. Impeller wear or broken check errors and, when necessary, to replace the impeller rotation direction change direction, making it and the bearing body direction towards brand indicated on device enough NPSH increase device did not reach the rated speed increase pump NPSH pump speed pump after the start or stop infusion pump priming is not correct to fill in the pump suction piping suction piping and liquid filled with air or steam capsule in order to eliminate the air sac, reconfigure the pipeline leak into the air intake line or sealed cavity repair (plug) there is air leakage in the liquid or vapor liquid to gas drainage, maintain pressure, prevent evaporation device enough NPSH increase device NPSH increasing device NPSH NPSH bearing heating devices on the incorrect and drive back to the lubrication pump incorrect check lubricant adaptability, quantity, quality and pressure. Remove dirt and moisture from the oil and bearing coolant supply is not enough to check the cooling system, clean the oil cooler bearing is too tight to replace bearing excessive vibration to correct the cause of the failure to analyze possible reasons of remedial method Pump noise or vibration pump/drive for incorrect axis of the re-examine the soundness of the pipe Impeller partially blocked cause imbalance To clean the pump impeller reverse flushing, if necessary, remove the rotating part to check the impeller shaft rupture or bend If necessary, replace defective components Impeller unbalanced Balance wheel base is not strong Ensure uniform pump base and foundation contact and verify the bolts have been tightened bearing wear replacing suction or discharge piping not fixed or not correctly support verification pipe load, and increases the support system problems drive pump cavitation analyzed and corrected or pressure of pump is loose and tighten bolts, check school for, if necessary, correct the vibration transmitted from the drive to remove the coupling and rotate the drive at full speed. If the drive vibration, according to the manufacturer's instructions to make it work correctly seal chamber leak serious mechanical seal mechanical seal parts wear and replace worn parts overheat check the lubrication and cooling pipe shaft sleeve is scored, if necessary, to machining or replace collar motor overload pressure is lower than the rating. Pump flow too large to plant consulting. Install throttle valve. Cutting impeller. Certified system pressure curve of liquid heavy check density and viscosity than expected rotating parts stuck check wearing parts within the correct clearance speed is too high to reduce the amount of speed on the deviation of axis of the shaft in the shaft bending correction or replacement of pump shaft bearing of rapid wear of deviation and drive back on shaft bending correction or replacement of shaft vibration to correct the cause of the vibration caused by mechanical failure or inside the pump wear thrust increase check the causes of the thrust increases the adaptability of lubrication is not correct to check lubrication and reduce thrust, capacity, quality and pressure. Remove dirt and moisture bearing from oil and bearings and install incorrect reinstallation of bearing, verify the correct size bearing of the bearing, check the cooling system for excessive cooling, and check the temperature to confirm the cooling water flow.