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Causes And Solutions Of Vibration And Noise Of Centrifugal Pump

Feb 21, 2018

The principle of centrifugal pump is simply that when the impeller is rotating at high speed, the liquid will rotate between the blades, and because of the centrifugal force, the liquid will be transferred from the center of the impeller.

The kinetic energy increases with the outer edge of the impeller. When the liquid enters the pump shell, the liquid velocity decreases gradually due to the gradual expansion of the flow channel in the volute pump shell.

Low, some of the kinetic energy is converted to static pressure, so the liquid flows out at a higher pressure along the outlet. Because the centrifugal pump carries liquid mainly by centrifugal force.

It is called a centrifugal pump. If mishandled, the centrifugal force generated by the impeller causes the pump to vibrate and abnormal noise.

When the pump is used, the pump vibration and noise are abnormal.

1. The pump foundation is reliable.

When vibration occurs, first check whether the anchor bolts of the centrifugal pump are fastened. If not fastening can cause centrifugal pump vibration. Also consider whether the foundation strength of the ground foot is sufficient, sometimes because of the design reason, the foundation partial soft also can cause the vibration.

2. Alignment of the coupling.

Many centrifugal pumps are driven by coupling, and there are many kinds of couplings. The normal operation and service life of the coupling, shaft, bearing and machine seal are directly affected by the normal three-jaw coupling.

3. Find the center

The center is also a common cause of vibration, and must be adjusted strictly according to the standard.

4. Bearing inspection.

Whether the bearing installation is defective or not.

5. Adjustment of rotor center position.

The rotor of the pump should be concentric with the stator. Otherwise, friction will occur during the operation of the pump, causing vibration.

6. Axial bending and rotor measurement.

If the cause of the shock is not found externally, the pump can only be disintegrated. First measure and correct the bending of the shaft. After no problem, the rotor will be installed to measure the overall wobble and ladle deviation. If excessive, it must be corrected.

7. Static and static balance detection.

In order to avoid shaking when the centrifugal pump is disassembled, the impeller should be tested for static balance.

The influence of external conditions on the pump.

When the water pump itself may have all the problems, such as still unable to solve the vibration problem, the influence of external conditions on the pump is also considered. Such as: the pump foundation resonance caused by inherent frequency and vibration frequency is similar, the prime mover fault caused by the water pump vibration, piping connection with pump USES powerful counterpart and other reasons can cause abnormal vibration of the pump. Generally, the corresponding measures can be taken to solve the problem.