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Application Characteristics Of Reciprocating Pump

Feb 23, 2019

The main characteristics of reciprocating pumps are: 1) high efficiency and wide efficiency area. (2) It can be achieved very well.

High pressure reciprocating pump

High pressure reciprocating pump

High pressure, pressure changes hardly affect the flow rate, thus providing a constant flow rate. (3) It has self-priming ability, can transport liquid and gas mixture, and specially designed can also transport mud, concrete and so on. 4. Flow and pressure have greater pulsation, especially single-acting pump. Because of the acceleration of piston movement and the discontinuity of liquid discharge, the pulsation is greater. Usually, air chambers are needed in the discharge pipeline (sometimes in the inhalation pipeline) to make the flow more uniform. Dual-action pump and multi-cylinder pump can also significantly improve the flow heterogeneity. _Low speed, large size, complex structure than centrifugal pumps, need special pump valves, manufacturing costs and installation costs are higher. Piston pump is mainly used for water supply. Manual piston pump is a widely used domestic water pump. Plunger pump is used to provide high-pressure liquid source, such as high-pressure water supply of hydraulic press. It and piston pump can be used as drilling mud pump and pumping pump in oil field. Diaphragm pumps are especially suitable for transporting highly toxic, radioactive and corrosive liquids, precious liquids and liquids containing abrasive solids. Diaphragm pump and plunger pump can also be used as metering pump.

Characteristics of reciprocating pumps:

1. Strong self-priming ability;

2. The theoretical flow rate has nothing to do with the working pressure, but only depends on the rotational speed, the size of the pump cylinder and the number of action.

3. The rated discharge pressure has nothing to do with the size and speed of the pump.

4. Non-uniform flow;

5. Speed should not be too fast;

6. Not very sensitive to liquid contamination.

7. The structure is complex and there are many vulnerable parts.