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Analysis Of The Disturbance Force Of Double Acting Reciprocating Pump

Apr 20, 2018

Reciprocating pump work is through the reciprocating movement of the plunger cavity change working chamber volume, thus the liquid out of a kind of fluid machinery, its structure is simple, in agriculture, petroleum, mining and construction industries. Is widely used in the reciprocating pump mainly adopts circular configuration, the domestic many scholars have studied its movement and dynamics performance. When the interference of movement of the reciprocating pump parts in force will cause the vibration of the equipment, influence the working performance and service life of the equipment. In response, some scholars with the disturbances of crank connecting rod mechanism in analysis, obtained the related calculation method. This article mainly analyzes the disturbances of double action reciprocating pump, it is concluded that the calculation method of disturbances. 1 main motion analysis of double-acting piston pump main movement adopts double piston to the structure of the crank slide block mechanism, a crank connecting two connecting rod and piston (same size) structure, rotation of the crank and piston reciprocating movement, the movement of the connecting rod is a complex planar motion. Convenient for calculating, according to the principle of quality is equivalent to the quality of the connecting rod is equivalent to the crank and column fortress.