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Advantages Of Cryogenic Pumps

Apr 24, 2018

(1) cryogenic pump has the advantage that no other products can be compared in obtaining clean and oil-free vacuum. It can be used as a standard to study the degree of vacuum pollution of other vacuum pumps.

(2) cryogenic pump has great pumping speed in pumping steam and other humid mixture.

(3) cryogenic pump also has great pumping speed in extracting light weight molecules.

(4) cryogenic pump is the most economical in the vacuum equipment requiring large pumping speed. The commercialized cryogenic pump can provide large pumping speed under very small caliber.

(5) cryogenic pump is based on cryogenic adsorption. No other electronic materials are needed, and there will be no fluctuation.

(6) in vacuum, there is no moving parts, high stability and no seal problem.

(7) the installation of the cryogenic pump is not required in any direction;

(8) cryogenic pump can also selectively extract some gas.

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