Advantages, Disadvantages And Ten Applications Of Reciprocating Pumps

Feb 23, 2019

Advantages of reciprocating pump

(1) High exhaust pressure can be obtained, and the flow rate is independent of the pressure. The inhalation performance is good and the efficiency is high. The steam reciprocating pump can reach 80%~95%.

(2) In principle, any medium can be transported, almost free from the physical or chemical properties of the medium;

(3) The performance of the pump does not vary with the change of pressure and the viscosity of the conveying medium.

Other pumps do not have the above outstanding advantages of reciprocating pumps, but their structure is relatively simple, easy to use and operate, but also have the advantages of small size, light weight, uniform flow, and can be serialized batch production.

Shortcomings of reciprocating pump

Flow is not very stable. At the same flow rate, it is larger than centrifugal pump; the mechanism is complex; the amount of funds is large; it is not easy to maintain.

Ten applications

1. Wastewater discharge from enterprises.

2. Discharge system of municipal sewage treatment plant.

3. Subway, basement, civil air defense sewage pump drainage station.

4. Sewage discharge from hospitals, hotels and high-rise buildings.

5. Sewage pumps are carved for sewage drainage stations in residential areas.

6. Municipal engineering, slurry discharge from construction sites.

7. Water supply system of water works.

8. Wastewater discharge from aquaculture farms and irrigation of rural farmland.

9. Exploration mine and water treatment equipment.

10. The sewage pump can take the place of shoulder-bearing and suck up river mud.

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