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Adsorption Materials For Cryogenic Pumps

Apr 24, 2018

The adsorption material has great influence on the working performance of cryogenic pump. From a vacuum acquisition aspect, a cryogenic pump without any adsorbent may also meet the requirements. However, low temperature pump normally rely on liquid helium or refrigeration and low temperature, the minimum temperature can reach 4 K. At the same time, cryogenic pump is needed to remove helium, because helium is often used for vacuum leak detection. Therefore, cryogenic pumps need to adsorb materials to help them remove gas. In addition, the adsorption material can get lower equilibrium pressure than that without adsorption material at low temperature. The working mode of cryogenic pump is through surface adsorption. The larger the surface area, the better the performance of cryogenic pump. Therefore, suitable adsorptive materials must have larger specific surface and adsorption capacity. The physical quantities of the adsorbed materials are mainly: geometry and particle size distribution; surface structure; density; specific surface area; pore size distribution, Kong Rong and average pore size. At present, the adsorption materials for cryogenic pumps are mainly characterized by the above parameters.

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