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Work point

Mar 28, 2017

Characteristics inherent in the characteristic curves of a centrifugal pump is the pump, its usage has nothing to do with the outside world. However, once the pump has been arranged when working in a certain pipe system, its actual work situation is related not only to the characteristics of centrifugal pumps, but also depends on the characteristics of pipelines. So, choose well and make good use of centrifugal pump, also taking into account the characteristics of pipelines.

Conveying liquids in a particular pipe, pipe pressure He needed changes with the square of the flow Qe. This plotting on graph paper to the corresponding line of the curve.

If the pump characteristic curve and painted in their line of curves on the same graph paper, as shown in the image above, this intersection of two line m is called the working point of the pump. When selecting pumps, demanding job points corresponding to the flow and pressure head pipeline system which can meet the requirements, but is provided by the centrifugal pump, Q = Qe,H = He.