What is NG submersible pump? Take you to find out

Feb 16, 2021

NG submersible pump is mainly composed of submersible pump body and pump pool. At present, the pump body is mainly imported from France and Japan. There are many pump manufacturers in our country. The function of LNG submersible pump: LNG submersible pump is a submersible centrifugal pump. The main function of the LNG submersible pump is to activate the submersible pump to transport LNG from the storage tank to the vehicle storage room when the LNG liquid cannot be filled with the LNG liquid by its own pressure. tank. The pump body and motor are completely immersed in the LNG, which reduces the loss of LNG and ensures the quick start of the pump. The submersible pump housing greatly reduces the cold loss of the piping system and ensures good pump operation conditions; the vertical design can make the pump run stably and have a longer service life. LNG liquid "low in, high out". The structure of LNG pump body generally includes motor, main shaft, bearing, impeller, baffle, etc., and the pump pool is generally a double-layer vacuum insulation structure. The pump pool is generally equipped with temperature sensors, liquid level sensors and pressure sensors. The main interfaces on the pump pool include liquid inlet, air return and liquid outlet. The auxiliary interface includes the pressure sensor signal lead-out interface in the pump pool, the liquid-level sensor lead-out interface, the temperature sensor lead-out interface and the power cord interface. LNG submersible pump ~ cryogenic pump pool: The submersible pump is installed in the pump sump. The design pressure of the pump tank is 1.6MPa. The entire structure has no sealing components. Compact structure, easy to install and maintain. The pre-cooling time is short and can be started in a short time. The cryogenic pump pool has the following characteristics: ①The heat insulation structure of the pump pool cover is designed, which significantly improves the heat insulation performance of the pump pool; ②The integrated vacuum pipeline design for inlet and outlet liquid not only improves the thermal insulation performance, but also optimizes the pipeline layout, and the overall effect is very beautiful; ③Fill the pump pool with liquid through the oil return port; ③Practical equipment such as pressure and temperature sensors and gas phase pipes of the pump pool are installed on the cover of the pump pool; ④The pump pool has sufficient thermal insulation performance. The vacuum shell and upper cover of the pump body have no frost during operation, and the cryogenic liquid evaporation within 24 hours is ≤30%. ⑤The design of the pump oil tank is easy to maintain, and the replacement of the wearing parts of the cryogenic pump does not exceed 8 hours.