Supercharger surge reason

Sep 15, 2019

Usually, when the supercharger is selected, the compressor is matched with the working line to the appropriate position on the right side of the surge line B according to the operating characteristics of the different boosting systems. At this time, it can ensure that the diesel engine reaches the predetermined boosting index and the supercharger works in the high efficiency zone, and ensures that the supercharger does not surge in the entire working range of the diesel engine. Therefore, under normal conditions, surge does not generally occur. However, when the working conditions change, such as when the booster system channel is blocked, the load is too high or too low, the diesel engine load is uneven, and the load is abrupt, the working line will partially or completely enter the surge zone. Causes surge. Here are some of the reasons that can cause turbocharger surge. One of the immediate consequences of the blockage factor of the booster system flow path is that it increases the resistance of the airflow in the system. When the diesel engine is running, the gas flow path of the booster system is: compressor inlet filter and silencer → compressor impeller → compressor diffuser → air cooler → scavenging box → diesel engine inlet (valve) → exhaust port (Valve) → Exhaust pipe → Exhaust turbine nozzle ring → Exhaust turbine impeller → Chimney. The flow area of each component is fixed. If any of the above flow paths are clogged, such as dirt, carbon deposits, deformation, etc., the back pressure of the compressor will increase due to the increase of flow resistance, and the flow rate will decrease, causing surge. Among the components that are easily soiled are the compressor inlet filter, the compressor impeller and diffuser, the air cooler, the diesel inlet (sweep) port and the exhaust port (valve), the exhaust turbine nozzle ring, and the exhaust turbine wheel. Often, the blockage of the turbocharger airflow path is the main cause of its surge. Management

The above parts should be inspected regularly for damage and cleaned, and the resulting surge will be prevented or eliminated.