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Piston pumps

Mar 28, 2017

Piston pumps and electric reciprocating pump from structure is divided into single-cylinder and cylinder, which is characterized by high lift. Suitable for conveying oil emulsion, with no solid at room temperature. For oil, water, grease, and oil production pressure machine hydraulic power pumps, hydraulic cleaning and conveying liquid ammonia and other chemical fertilizer plant. If parts are stainless steel, transporting the corrosivity liquid. According to the structure of a material can also for high temperature tar and mud mortar, high concentration, high viscosity liquid.

Reciprocating motion of the piston in piston pump, pump displacement cycles, achieving suction and discharge the liquid. Pump cylinder, piston, water inlet and outlet valve, inlet pipe, rods and transmission devices. Dynamic drive the reciprocating motion of the piston in the pump cylinder. Dang piston up movement Shi, water valve opened, water into pump cylinder, while piston Shang of valve close, piston upper of water with piston up upgrade; Dang piston down movement Shi, water valve close, piston Shang of valve opened, while makes pump cylinder Xia cavity of hydraulic into Shang cavity, and rose into outlet, so repeatedly water and upgrade, makes water constantly from outlet discharge. Divided into single and double-acting piston pump; single, double and multiple-cylinder; horizontal, vertical, diagonal; mobile, hand, foot, animal-style. Piston pump flow Q=0.71~6000 m 3/h, discharge pressure P2 ≤ 39.2 MPa, and in most cases P2 ≤ 24.5 MPa.

Piston pump flow is made up of the pump cylinder diameter and piston stroke and piston set by the reciprocation number of times per minute; head pipeline depends on device characteristics, a single piston pump with constant flow rate and head pipe with device characteristics. That is, head increase, and constant flow rate only in the high pressure area, flow is slightly reduced.