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Metering pump industry has entered the stage of rapid growth

Mar 28, 2017

Now, sophisticated power driving method and liquid transfer end (pump) materials technology makes new metering pumps are almost complete for any conventional and special media requirements, its working pressure and capacity to meet most of the requirements for industrial production.

With the development of the requirements of the production process and the degree of automation is generally better as part of chemical measurement and add the final actuator, safety of metering pumps and control becomes increasingly important. Petroleum chemical industry has always been known for their high degree of automation of the production process, is also distributed, distributed and intelligent computer control system is one of the most widely used areas, which require--metering pump with the support of the actuator has to have the flexibility and control mode, can be controlled easily with the computer systems of various loops, more complex and more accurate process control. For conform to this new of trend, international Shang famous of measurement pump manufacturer as German General Montrose company in guarantee its products traditional performance continues to leading world of while, with Yu embedded microprocessor system, will variety regulation control function and data communications agreement integration to measurement pump in the, real achieved has from stroke frequency to stroke length of double dimension regulation, makes its products became world first of intelligent precision measurement pump.