How to maintain low temperature equipment?

May 17, 2020

Low temperature equipment has been widely used in all walks of life, has been a very common equipment. Aucma small editor reminds you that when using low-temperature equipment, you should also pay attention to the maintenance of low-temperature equipment.

1. Check the inlet and outlet valves regularly. If the low temperature equipment is used for a long time, there may be icing or impurities at the inlet and outlet valves. If it is frozen, it can be humidified and blown dry before starting; if it is impurities, it can be disassembled and removed, and it can be started after drying.

2. Replace the copper gasket of inlet and outlet valves regularly. After a long time of use, the copper gasket at the inlet and outlet valves will also be worn. Regular replacement can avoid insufficient flow.

3. Check the seals regularly. As the same as the copper gasket, the seal will wear out after long use. Regular inspection of the seal can timely grasp the wear of the seal, so as to timely replace, prevent the failure of low-temperature equipment, and ensure the normal use of low-temperature equipment.

After all, low-temperature equipment is a machine, and it is inevitable that the machine will be aged. The key is to slow down the aging speed and improve the service life of low-temperature equipment through the maintenance and maintenance of low-temperature equipment.