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Characteristics of hydraulic diaphragm metering pump

Mar 28, 2017

The metering pump and the medium to be measured medium wetted parts of the diaphragm, and drive for hydraulic piston. Because the diaphragm depending on the medium to be measured can choose different materials and hydraulic drive can be the need to achieve high voltage metering, hydraulic diaphragm metering pump and mining pressure field of use is greatly increased. The metering pump flow does not change with pressure, working and non-linear regulation of the working conditions can be 0-100%. Products built-in overpressure safety valve, eliminating the metering pump installation bypass trouble, saving both space and increase the security of the product.

All hydraulically diaphragm metering pumps are equipped with a set of good pressure safety valve, the valve on the pressure side, and hydraulic systems used in conjunction. If the pump pressure side plug, this security will automatically jump, so as to effectively protect the pump and the piping system.